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Hey there! After a long break, I am back here with some new possibilities to help you develop a positive mindset for your baby. I have two children, both girls, one is five years and the younger one is just 5 months. Becoming a parent is awesome, it’s an experience with no equivalents, but with this comes a lot of other things which you may have never encountered before. And, that must be the time to shift yourself to Mindful Parenting and Frame Your Baby’s Mental Health with the Best Known Methods.

At this point in time, while you are reading this article you must be thinking about how can you read your baby’s mind and help him/ her grow up with a healthy mind. This is confusing, but trust me, I will make it crystal clear till its end. So, let’s go ahead and discuss how to do this.

What Is Mental Health

How can we define Mental Health?

Mental Health is the ability to face difficult situations with positivity and optimism. A person who is mentally strong will be able to cope up with stress and anxiety before giving up on the circumstances ahead. This is not a one-day job but strong mental health is built in a child right from the day he/she is born. It’s a practice to start with as early as you can.

Mindful Parenting

What is Mindful Parenting and how is it connected to your Baby’s Mental Health?

Mindfulness is to practice living in your present moment and so is Mindful Parenting. To further emphasize, it means to carefully understand your child’s mind and behavior in those moments which you spend together. Being a parent can never be an easy job. It’s full of challenges, responsibilities,  and last but not least comes Stress and anxiety. It’s more than difficult to support your child emotionally than doing it physically. But trust me, it is better to give it a try than to give up in this case, and doing this mindfully is your best bet.

Mindful Parenting connects you and your child directly to each other. You think about what your little baby is speaking then and there with valid reasons to explain. Mindfulness is to concentrate with absolute attention towards what your child wants to make you understand. Doing this builds a trustworthy relationship between you and your child. You must be thinking about why is this important to frame your baby’s mental health?

Why is Mindful Parenting important to frame your baby’s mental health?

This is because the Trust you build with mindful parenting connects to your child’s emotions directly. Your baby is looking at you for love, care, and understanding right from birth. When you listen to your baby’s voice without thinking of anything else he/ she is going to feel it and get more comfortable each day. That’s why practicing Mindful Parenting is important. It’s hard, but still, it is possible if you try.

Frame Your Baby's Mental health

How Do You Frame Your Baby’s Mental health Being a Mindful Parent?

Now, let’s go ahead and figure out the best ways to frame your Baby’s Mental Health. Start this right from the day you become a parent. A newborn needs nothing more than your love and warmth. Every child is unique, the only thing a parent needs to do is to understand and discover that specialty. Support your child emotionally when he is scared or is feeling insecure. Make your child a Rockstar, a Fighter who can fight negativity and stress in all stages of life.

The Best Ways to Build Your Baby’s Mental Health Right From The Time He Is Born.

1. Pay Attention To Your Child’s Actions Right from Birth

Frame it from scratch. This means ” Start building emotions in your child right from the day he/she is born” Believe me, you will enjoy this a lot. Look at your baby’s eyes with love as if you are talking to each other. I personally did this when my children were born and when I did this, it was more than easy to feed them especially for my second baby. Hope she will be a fast learner in the future as well. The more you try to understand your baby’s cues in the early stages, the more responsive your baby is going to become. And, that’s the key to build strong mental health in your child.

2. Carefully Listen To Your Baby

Start to practice this behavior as soon as your baby starts to speak. Listen to those baby words carefully. Try to comprehend those words and make your baby feel that you will always be there to listen to him. This will make him feel secure and improve his ability to manage stress in a much better way than before. This is very important for your baby’s mental well-being. When he speaks out his feelings it will always be easier for you to respond and understand his mind in a better way.

3. Paraphrase Your Baby’s Words and Respond Positively

Has anyone of you noticed your Baby saying “You don’t love me or No one cares for me” and we feel heartbroken? But that’s not the right context for his words. He just wants to play with his Mom or Dad when they are doing some important work. Give immediate response to your child, paraphrase his words and say that you might play his favorite game after you finish your work and you love him the most.  This act will help him control his anxiousness in a better way and not jump to false conclusions.

4. Be Reliable to the Promises You Make With Your Child

This is a very important rule of thumb to make yourself trustworthy in your baby’s eyes. Listen carefully to what your baby wants you to do, promise him the good things you can do together, and always do that for sure. This will make your child mentally strong and confident. He will be ready to face the problems of life with an open mind because he knows you are there to support him anytime and every time.

5. Share Responsibilities With Your Child

Fulfilling responsibilities will make your child wise and mature. Start with tasks that are easier at first for example clean up the room, picking up toys, a little help in the kitchen, and similar to these. Allow him to make independent choices and work according to those. Provide a little help if he requires from you as parents. These actions will help in strengthening your baby’s mental health and think about how he can help himself when he has to take independent decisions.

6. Practice Meditation and Exercise Together

There are lots of responsibilities you have as a parent to make your child healthy both physically and mentally. And this is a must, to practice Meditation and Exercise. You have to do this with your child. Incorporate this healthy habit in your child if till now you did not. Make him understand the technique of Relaxation and how it will help his mental wellbeing. Teach him to Practice Selfcare with an example of yourself. I know this is difficult but believe me, these bits put together will evolve into a healthy mind.

7. Allow Your Baby To Do Mistakes

Any mistake is forbidden till we do not do it intentionally. So, allow your baby to do mistakes. Let him learn from his mistakes. For example, let him try feeding himself from an early age, he will spill the food so many times, remind him gently on the proper ways to eat, and don’t blame him for his mistakes. Slowly, he will understand, and redoing the task several times will make your child learn. This is the rule of learning things. You all must be knowing this from before but do you know doing mistakes and correcting yourself helps your mind learn to be patient and hard-working.

8. Help Your Child To Take Challenges and Accept The End Result With An Open Mind

Your baby is going to be mentally strong once he learns the game of participation and accepts the outcome with an open mind. With an open mind, I meant to give your full potential to an activity or a task and remain enthusiastic with whatsoever is the outcome. Taking challenges will make your child improve each day and accepting the result which makes him shift towards positivity without getting stressed out.

9. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Are you sick of listening to just a “Yes” or “No”? This may be a sign of a kid who is frustrated, stressed out, introvert, and in a bad state of mind most of the time. If your baby is getting used to this kind of behavior, try changing it immediately. Ask questions with a purpose? The purpose of getting more out of your little one, understanding him from within, getting an idea of what mental state is he in right now. Always check on whatever is going on with your baby’s mind in real because your job is to prepare a happy, satisfied kid not only from outside but more than that from within.

10. Teach The Importance Of Mental Health To Your Chid

Mental Health is a topic to be discussed with all your family members together including your little one as well. Help your baby learn the importance of a Healthy Mind. Tell him how the mind can tackle any kind of situation when it is at ease. Teach him the art of relaxation, concentration, meditation, and also about how all these together make a healthy and beautiful mind.


In a nutshell, Mental Health is expressing your emotions in a controlled manner. It’s a way to cope up with stress, fear, anxiety in a way that does not harm your emotional and psychological well-being. When your baby learns to act positively in difficult situations under your guidance, his mental health gets framed automatically. Likewise, if you take a little pain to teach the mental health framework to your child right from his birth, you will reap the results later on for sure. Your worries will be less and your baby will be blossoming from outside physically and from within emotionally.

Please comment if you like these ways to frame your baby’s mental health and if you will be able to follow them and practice with your child. Also, share these ways with your friends if they have small children or are expecting their little ones. 


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