Early Signs Of Pregnancy


Are you moving to the biggest change in your life as a Woman? Are the weirdest and wonderful moments of life set to happen now? And, not only that, finally, have you been blessed to shape a new future? Wow, so many questions? But don’t worry, these 13 Early Signs of Pregnancy which we are going to discuss today will pave the way to the answers. The waves of uncertainty will settle down days before you get a definite result doing an early pregnancy test at home or with your Gynecologist.

Your body signals you each time it undergoes a change. But, the only problem is every one of us doesn’t have the ability to identify them. So, now let’s move on to identify the earliest signs and take you to the most probable answer.

The 13 Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

To be honest, there is no one who can assure you that you are pregnant with these early symptoms. That’s because every individual is different. Some may notice those symptoms as early as the week after they conceive, but others may not notice this even after a month or two. But the real-life surveys prove that most women or almost 50% of women notice these early signs of pregnancy even before they confirm with their home pregnancy test results.

Missed period

1. Your Missed Period

The earliest signal which alerts you of the upcoming event is your period if it did not come on its scheduled date. But, again are you noting your period dates each month. There should be regular intervals between your periods each month. If your periods come late or you do not remember exact dates, you have to check on some more pregnancy signs before you jump to a conclusion.

Changes in the Breast

2. Changes In Your Breast

Are you trying to conceive? With sore nipples and tenderness in your breasts, your expectations can now convert into positive results. Once again, most expectant moms notice this symptom as early as in the first two to three weeks after they have conceived.  The reason for this is an increase in the level of hormones Estrogen and Progesterone in your body. It’s nothing but a preparation for your pregnancy on the way. But, don’t worry about the discomfort you are going to face with your tender breasts. It’s more than manageable for most women. Think of this as a positive sign for your upcoming baby’s nourishment process. But of course, get ready to shop on a big size cotton fabric and supportive bra to ease your discomfort during the upcoming nine months.

Mild cramps

3. Mild Cramps

Once again, are you in your childbearing age or trying to conceive for your baby these days? Your periods not up to date and cramps with a little discomfort will again signal you to the good news that you are soon going to get. It’s a bit confusing as your period starts with cramping as well. But, there are some differences for sure, uterine cramping upon conception is due to an increase in blood flow in the uterus for nurturing the baby inside the womb. So, don’t get overwhelmed, it may happen to you or maybe you don’t feel this symptom at all. These are the changes that will bring you near to the biggest event of your life.

implantation bleeding

4. Implantation Bleeding or Spotting

Have you been waiting for your periods but instead found a light pink or pale maroon red spotting happening. Then, it’s time to be curious about the change. Maybe it’s time for the fertilized egg to be implanted into the uterus. Most women witness this light spotting a few days prior to the arrival of their period dates. Also called Implantation Bleeding, this is one of the most probable signs of your way to motherhood.

Feeling of Nausea

5. Feeling Of Nausea or Vomiting

This is a classic sign of pregnancy. I myself have been experiencing this every now and then in the first trimester especially during my second pregnancy. But, I was not vomiting at all, and maybe you will also not. The reason behind this is the release of hCG(Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone immediately after the egg has been fertilized. Not only the hCG but the Estrogen hormone also contributes to increasing the feeling of nausea in pregnant ladies. This sign will be noticed after you are 4 weeks pregnant but some may even start to experience this as early as in the first week itself. These signs are common to mark the start of pregnancy but still, you may be the lucky one to not notice them at all because each pregnancy is unique.

frequent urination

6. Frequent Urination

Here again, the hCG hormone comes into action. The increased level of this hormone, after implantation of the fertilized egg, makes you visit the bathroom frequently. Maybe you are the lucky one to experience a bit less of this symptom but ultimately in the upcoming trimesters, you are definitely going to witness this. That’s just because the growing baby will put a lot of pressure on your bladder making you pee every now and then.




7. Fatigue

With your baby in existence, your body needs to put in some extra effort to nurture the new life.  Everything should be done at a double pace for the new life to survive. More blood supply, more nutrient supply, and extra oxygen will now be required for the baby to grow. All these tasks will be executed by your body in combination with the pregnancy hormones Estrogen and Progesterone resulting in tiredness and exhaustion of expecting mothers. But, again, don’t worry, it’s not such a big concern, wait for the time to pass. Your second trimester is going to be entirely different with new energies and freshness in life.

Mood swings

8. Frequent Mood Shifts

This is just like being happy at this moment and suddenly shifting your mood to anger or bitterness without any reason at all. This is not at all surprising. It may or may not happen to all expecting mothers but very common in most of them. The sudden release of pregnancy hormones triggers your neural network in your brain and makes you behave like a different person. Maybe you have never reacted in such a weird manner ever before or just even a few days ago. But, be calm because this will happen only for a limited time and not always. Now that you know this, try to follow techniques that will keep you stable during this period.

Rise in Body Temperature

9. Rise In Body Temperature

Your Basal Body Temperature(BBT) can signal a positive side to conception being done within the first couple of weeks after ovulation. Immediately after implantation takes place in the uterus, your body starts with its extra work of nurturing the baby in the womb. Release of hormones and rise in metabolism can lead to a slight and continuous rise in your body temperature during the first few weeks in the first trimester. So, dear expectant mothers, watch it out and make a good guess about your pregnancy on its way.


10. Constipation

If you have conceived, one of the immediate effects of this would be constipation. This is due to the slow rate of digestion in your intestine. An increase in the level of progesterone hormone will make the muscles relax resulting in reduced colon movement. This may cause constipation as early as in the first week of pregnancy in expectant mothers. Constipation is a regular issue during the whole pregnancy period in women. The only difference is that may notice it more or less depending upon the food habits and water intake in your body. So, try to incorporate healthy food habits and provide proper hydration to your body to cope up with this pregnancy symptom in a better way.

Back pain

11. Back Pain

When you experience back pain with the other probable signs of pregnancy, be assured to get a positive result. As soon as your uterus starts to work out for nurturing the baby, the first thing that happens is hormone release. This hormone level rise will result in the loosening of pelvic muscles in your body resulting in back pain and cramps. This back pain may worsen in the upcoming trimesters when the baby starts to grow big and puts pressure on the pelvic muscles. You can ease your back pain with the help of correct postures and walking. Also, you can use maternity support pillowsto make yourself comfortable while sleeping. To make yourself strong both physically and mentally, you can start with Prenatal Yoga, once your pregnancy is confirmed. But remember to take the help of a regular practitioner or a Yoga class, if you a newbie to save yourself from any complications. 

Food Aversions and Cravings

12. Food Aversions And Cravings

Most common to pregnancy times, food aversions and cravings is no surprise. Again, it’s none other than the hormones which are responsible for this symptom of pregnancy, most prevalent in the early weeks of the first trimester. It’s the hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) that triggers its highest levels in the early weeks during pregnancy. This condition results in both aversions and cravings for certain foods. One of the early signs of pregnancy, the foods with a strong smell are common to aversions or cravings in pregnant women.


Leg Cramps

13. Leg Cramps and Headaches

These are the early signs that signal your pregnancy on the way. Crampings occur due to high calcium requirements for the baby and yourself. In the same way, headaches are the result of a spike in the hormone levels hCG and Progesterone. These are common in the first trimester and may persist longer even up to the birth of your baby. But, do not feel it is a matter of serious concern. It will all happen for the time being as a result of the new changes in your body to nourish your baby and keep it healthy. But, you can still reduce these discomforts by proper diet and water intake throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test

When to Go For Pregnancy Test

If you are experiencing any of the pregnancy signs discussed above, you may take a home pregnancy test or visit your Doctor’s office. You may take the test from 3 weeks after conception. Or else, you may wait for the test to be done after your period is missed. The tests will show positive results once your hCG level is on a spike and this happens very early once you have conceived.


With these early signs of pregnancy on the way, you may easily guess if your test is going to be positive at both places either at home or at the doctor’s office. But, after you get your reports positive, follow the instructions of your Gynaec and immediately go for a check-up if any of these symptoms get worsen. It’s only us women who have been gifted with the power of Creation. Those 9 months will be a lifetime memory with your child nurturing inside you. But, you are the only one who can make this experience unforgettable for yourself being positive and blissful throughout this period.

Please share your experience when you noticed the early pregnancy signs and how did you feel after getting the good news in the comments section below. I will be happy to know more about your lifetime memory.



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