When is The Right Time To Start Using Pregnancy Pillows

Those nine months during pregnancy should be the most comfortable for every woman who is expecting. I, personally feel Pregnancy pillows are the comfiest ones to ease your journey to motherhood. But, are you sure When To Start Using A Pregnancy Pillow once you get pregnant. I did not know that while I was pregnant and this is the reason why I want to share this with you all.

Pillows are meant to give you comfort when your body calls for rest. So, you can and in fact, anyone can use a pillow anytime. But, when you are shaping a new life inside you, you must provide your body with utmost comfort. And, there comes the role of those cozy comfy Maternity Pillows.

When Is The Right Time to Start Using It

Pregnancy can lead to major discomforts in your body most of the time when you want to take a nap or a goodnight’s sleep. But, you must be thinking about when would this happen exactly. For me, this was as early as my third month which is my first trimester itself. My backache and sciatic pain started early on in my second pregnancy. But, most of the ladies start with these discomforts from the 20th week onwards. From Week 20 onwards, your uterus size starts to increase as your baby has started to grow inside the womb.

When the uterus starts to expand, it will stretch your abdominal muscles and put pressure on your back resulting in back pain. The new bulge in the uterine area in the process of formation makes a shift in your center of gravity, which will ultimately result in postural changes. All these changes together with your growing baby will put a lot of pressure on your back and sciatic nerve in some cases. Mine was both back pain and sciatic pain when I was pregnant with my second baby. And, guess what? This was the right time for me to go for a maternity pillow.

How To Choose The Right One?

Your body speaks to you whenever it needs attention. The only thing you need to do is listen to it and understand its urge. So, don’t wait for so long, figure out the areas of discomfort and allow your body to be at ease. At ease means, to feel comfortable while you are sleeping time. Some expectant mothers have trouble with their shoulders, some in the abdominal muscles, but most women have pain in the back as per the complaints recorded. Keeping all this in mind, I have framed a detailed description of the types of pregnancy pillows you can refer to before you start using any one of them. But before that, we must discuss the best positions for sleeping while you are pregnant.

What Is The Best Sleeping Position While You Are Pregnant?

SOS(Sleeping On Side) is the ideal position to sleep while you are pregnant but not on either side. Sleeping on your left side is the best position for you, right from the time you enter your second trimester. And, there are specific reasons why an expectant mom needs to do this.  Sleeping on your left side will help your body pump more blood to your heart and from there to your baby inside the womb. This blood is enriched with nutrients that are essential for your baby to grow. Therefore, if you are in a habit of sleeping on your stomach or else on your back, give it up. This,  you have to do for yourself and your baby most effectively from the 20th week onwards. To know more about the best sleeping positions refer to this article on ScaryMommy Blog.


These are special types of pillows made to give comfort to expectant moms basically in their second and third trimesters. Because they are designed to be used during the period of pregnancy, they come in variable shapes and sizes. Out of them, I have sorted the best ones according to their shapes so that you can figure out the best ones that suit you.

1. C- Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

When you require support for your head, abdomen, back, and legs, this pillow which is in the shape of letter C would suit you the best. With its lower end between your thighs, upper end above the head, legs on either side of the curve, and back straight inside the curve, it fits perfectly in your body shape.

2. Wedge-Shaped Pillow

When your most preferred sleeping position in those days is on your side, you will need this wedge pillow the most. When you are sleeping on your side while you are pregnant, a wedge-shaped pillow can support you the most. It can easily slide under your belly and provide support to both your belly and back. This will reduce the strain on your back. The discomfort while sleeping to most pregnant ladies starts from the 20th week onwards. So, go ahead and listen to your body and take a rest as much as possible with your cozy comfy Wedge pillow.

3. U- Shaped Pillow

This is the best one when you want to be in a super comfortable position. This big-sized pillow will support you from all sides while you are pregnant. That means, in whichever way you sleep, on your back or on your stomach, this U-shaped pillow will support you from each side. If you have a habit of moving frequently or taking turns while sleeping go for this. A U- shaped pillow will make your sleeping position easily adjustable in whichever way you sleep.

4. Full-Length Pillow

Similar to a regular sleeping pillow, your full-length pillow will provide extra comforts while you are struggling to sleep in those days. Don’t hesitate to avail any extra comfort that you deserve. A Full- length pillow will always be the best option to act as a cure to the worst pregnancy symptoms every expectant mother deals with. This double or triple-sized pillow will support your belly bulge, make your body stable and reduce your backache while sleeping. Not only that, but this pillow will also support your hips, thighs, and knees when used in the proper postures required. So get ready with your healthy, cheerful, and stress-free body to welcome your little one in the coming period.


Pregnancy is a period when every expecting mother should get the best comfort that she deserves during those nine months. And a pregnancy pillow or maternity pillow is a way to get that privilege you deserve. So go for the best one you like, observe your requirements and shop for one that suits you. Make yourself Pregnancy fit, be happy each day that is passing by. Say ‘no’ to stress and anxiety if ever you are facing them and make yourself most comfortable. Let those nine months never fade in your memories and never in this lifetime.

Please comment if you find this article useful. You can also suggest which of these pillows you find the most comfortable and which one would you prefer to use. 














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