Night Time Skin Care Routine has never been a practice incorporated in my skincare regime for long. Moreover, I had a misconception that my skin type is one that can be managed in a split of seconds. But, recently this frame of glass broke with the scars of Acne breakouts. It has been a never-ending game since last year. My pimples come and go as if I am the only person to be targeted.

After a lot of research to know the exact reason behind my breakouts, I came to a well-drawn conclusion. Oh! not only a conclusion but I also say it the best solution. It’s none other than my 6- Step Night Time Skin Care Routine to get back to the clear soft skin which I earlier had.

Do not get stressed out with the number of steps I mentioned. Following these steps will not even take out a thin slice of your sleeping time. Instead, you will feel a lot more secured with your facial skin moving towards its best time to feel the natural glow like never before.

Wanna know My Night Time Skin Care Routine! Stay on the page and get to know each step in detail.

My Night Time Skin Care Routine Steps

Steps of Night time Skin Care


Night Time Skin Care Routine Step 1- Cleansing


br3After a long day with dust, pollution, dirt, and makeup absorbed by our face, the first and most obvious step to your Night Time Skin Care should be a thorough Cleansing. You can start with Double cleansing to move on to the other steps of your nighttime skincare. Make it simple and easy.

Makeup removal Facial wipes or a cotton swab dipped in Natural oils such as Olive or Castor oil to do this. After that, go for a face wash for 1- 2 minutes with Lukewarm water or Normal water.

(Caution: Don’t use Hot water to wash your face). Then, use a gentle creamy Cleanser or a Gel or Foam cleanser, according to the Skin Type you have. But, pay attention to the ways in which you make use of your cleanser. The process of double cleansing helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells and removes dirt by opening the clogged pores.

Apply your cleanser onto your fingertips and massage it with gentle circular motions and then wash it off with cold or normal water. Caution: Don’t scrub it over your face or it can rupture your soft skin cells.

To know more about the cleanser according to your skin type Read this: Facial do’s and Don’t’s by LorealParis

Step 2– TONING

Step 2- Toning

Toning is all about locking your facial pores back in their space. Moreover, Toning your skin maintains the natural pH balance of your facial skin which is often disturbed while you wash your face. To further emphasize, toners are products that make your skin free from irritants, aging wrinkles, harmful bacteria. Toners provide a better way to set up the further skincare steps that we are going to discuss in this article. To find out the Toners that will suit your skin type check out this detailed description about the necessity for Toning your Skin.

You can use a Toning Face cream by doing a gentle massage on your face with your fingertips. Or else, you can use a cotton pad to evenly spread it all over your face with upward movements on your skin. This will make your skin ready for the application of Serum and Moisturizer in further steps. You can use Toners made of natural ingredients such as rosewater, chamomile, Apple cider vinegar every day. But, if you use Acidic Toners you can limit its use to three times a week.

Step- 3– SERUM

Step 3- Serum


Serums act as a great source of nutrients for your facial skin. After you finish with toning, take a pea-sized amount of your serum.  Apply it over your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Remember to apply only a few drops for the whole of your face. You can also use your serum after a proper face wash with warm water if you skip toning every day. Serums have magical properties as they act brilliantly on acne, scars, age wrinkles, and enhance skin brightness.

You can use serums according to the skin type you have. But, if you have normal skin, a Serum with glycolic acid and vitamin C would be enough. Glycolic acid is good for skin rejuvenation as it eliminates dead skin cells and opens up the clogged pores. Also, you can use a serum with aloe vera for hydration of skin if you desire smooth skin.

If your skin is more prone to acne or scars, then go for one that has Salicylic Acid and Retinol as ingredients. To know more, Salicylic acid acts well on your persistent acne and Retinol treats the old scars to fade away in very little time.  Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that works well on dry skin by retaining moisture. In a nutshell, whichever skin type you have, including Serum in your Skincare regime is inevitable if you like to enhance your beauty.


Step 4- Eye Cream


Eye creams are not only beneficial but essential to be used in your Night Time Skin Care Routine. The area around your eyes is super delicate even more than that of your face. If not taken proper care of, it will result in a loss of elasticity in the skin under the eyes, wrinkles, and fine lines in the area surrounding your eyes. The reason why we keep it as a separate step is due to the delicacy and softness of the under-eye skin.

Eye creams should be lighter and thinner than any other creams you use on your face. But at the same time, they should have more lubricating oils to vanish the appearance of thin lines or wrinkles.  Look for creams that are rich in synthesizing collagen, vitamin C, and hydrating as well.


Step 5- Spot Treatment


This is the step important for me at this time when I am facing the consequences of not seriously following a proper Night Time Skin Care Routine. My acne and pimples are not ready to stop eroding my face for the last one year. But, now I am sure to get rid of it in a very little time. And, that’s because My Night Time Skin Care includes this step for sure. But, if you are already using a Toner that is good at fighting acne, you can skip this step.

For Spot Treatments, it is better to use a cream with Salicylic acid(clears clogged pores and inflamed red pimples). But, my suggestion is to first know exactly what type of Acne spots you have to treat. As per research, if you have acne scars or dark spots on your skin, go for a product with Benzoyl peroxide. To start with, apply a thin layer of your spot treatment product on the affected areas or dark spots and wait for a minute to let it dry. Then, lock it with your night cream or moisturizer to see the best results.


Step 6- Moisturizer


This is the last one but mandatory step to be followed in a Nighttime skincare routine. If you skip on this, you will mess on the hard work you did before. Your skin shifts to repair and rejuvenation at night. To simply favor this natural process, you need to lock in the active ingredients that you have applied in the previous steps. Moisturizers also hold the water content in the outer layer of your skin to keep your skin hydrated and blemish-free.

If you want to enjoy perfect skin, without your pores clogged or messed up, you need to research the Type of Moisturizers that will best suit your skin type. Moreover, with a dry skin texture, you will be bombarded with loads of products in the market. Go for the one that best suits you in person. Look for ingredients with natural oils such as jojoba or sunflower, collagen builders, and hydrating properties. Hyaluronic acid is one other ingredient that best suits most skin types and keeps your skin hydrated and healthy in a natural way.

Apply your moisturizer in a medium amount by squeezing it on your palm, not on your fingertips. Warm it up between your fingers and your palm for a moment and apply it to your cheeks in gentle circular motions. Then, proceed up to your forehead and rest of your face simultaneously.


It’s important to have a regular skincare routine. You have to invest your time in it. Learn to be gracious to your skin. Make your nighttime skincare routine a practice. Not only that, but your skincare is also a part of your Self-care. You can switch over to My Night Time Skin Care Steps if you like the way I follow them or try out your own as well. But, whichever way you do it, remember to be regular on skincare, for you are going to wear it till the end of life.

Please share these steps if you like them. You can also let me know your ways to Skin Care in the comments section.









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