August 2, 2021
How To Plan For A Safe Diwali Celebration During This Pandemic: Diwali 2020

How To Plan For A Safe Diwali Celebration During This Pandemic: Diwali 2020



   Diwali 2020: Festival Of Lights


Are you on the verge of excitement for this Festive season?  I believe you must be having the goosebumps like mine. Hey! It’s Diwali just around the corner. Thinking of the candles, diyas, the sound crackers, Diwali gifts, and last but not least about the yummy Diwali special recipes like me! It’s time to make your Diwali celebration checklist, but everything you should do keeping in mind the Pandemic situation.



Celebrate a Safe Diwali

Plan For an Amazing, Safe Celebration!

The invisible enemy is haunting but why give up. This Diwali will not be the same as it used to be each year. We are still on with the social distancing norms and the lifesaver masks every moment we step out of the house. But, why be sad, you still have options. Maybe this time you cannot throw a grand Diwali celebration party or attend any of those. But think of an amazing celebration at home with your family and very close friends.



Diwali Significance

Significance of Diwali

Diwali is celebrated before the onset of the Winter season every year as one of the biggest Hindu festivals. Spiritually, it marks the triumph of light over darkness or evil. This is the reason why we light up Deepa or Diyas and Candles during this festival. We also worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on this auspicious day and seek their blessings for prosperity and positivity in our lives. We celebrate this festival each year with lavish decoration, lights, food, fireworks, fun, and lots of enjoyment.

So, Friends, Let’s make some new plans for this year’s Diwali celebration keeping in mind the Coronavirus pandemic guidelines to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and secure.



Do not Forget your Masks whenever You Go Out



1.  Diwali Shopping with Masks Always on Your Face

Plan for an amazing Diwali home decoration to feel the festival. Shop for the primary accessories such as the diyas, designer, or simple Candles whichever is your choice. Likewise, you can also shop for beautiful LED light bulbs, wall hangings, rangoli designs, glitter candles, and many other accessories this Diwali from the nearby shops.

Note: Always remember to keep your masks on and regularly sanitize your hands in between regular intervals.

Go For Online Shopping Options

2. Go For Online Shopping Alternatives If You Live In Crowded Cities

Technology will always make it easy for us to live a happy life but only when we use it wisely. You will find a variety of shopping Apps such as Amazon and Flipkart where you can order the Diwali Decoration items. Go for online shopping most preferably if you live in crowded cities to make yourself safe from infection. Apart from that, you may also come across some exclusive festive discount offers to make your Diwali special this year. 

3. Arrange For Neighbourhood Gatherings With Proper Social Distancing Norms Along with Your Masks On

You can invite your nearest neighbors to come together with you to light up the candles and share your Diwali Gifts and sweets with them. With the proper social distancing norms, you can make Diwali memorable this year as well.

Send Gifts Online

4. Send Diwali Gifts Online to Relatives and Friends

When you have options for online shopping, do not hesitate to send Diwali gifts to your loved ones as you did before. This will make them cheerful and strengthen the bond that you share with them.

Decorate Your Home This Diwali

5. Decorate Your Home Beautifully with Family For the Best Diwali Celebration

Do not let the feeling of solitude come to your mind anyways. The pandemic has restrictions to go out in gatherings but at the same time, it has no restrictions on your mind and your beautiful hearts.  So, go ahead with a lavish decoration this time. Moreover, you can involve your family to help you decorate with small children if they are present at home. They will make the environment cheerful and fun-loving during the festival.

6. Plan For An Online Group Video Call on the Festive Date

With your smartphones available why not go for an online video chat with your loved ones on Diwali. You can have a group video chat altogether with your siblings and friends to express your festive feelings and how much you miss them. This will help you shorten the distance between hearts and feel the love even from a long distance.



Share Your Diwali Pics

7. Make Live Videos and Share Diwali Pictures on Family and Friends Groups

Are you not a pic lover? Who is not? So, this Diwali makes short span live videos and share them on your favorite apps. Let everyone see how positive and cheerful you can be even in pandemic times.  Nothing can stop you from celebrating your favorite days. Take Diwali selfies and share them in groups and ask them to do the same.


Diwali Special food



8. Cook Diwali Special recipes For Family and Yourself

Diwali Celebration is incomplete without the yummy tasty Diwali Special recipes? My best one is my homemade Gulab Jamuns. I love them like anything and they should be a part of my Diwali Fiesta. What do you like to make or do you need some help? Give yourself some positivity to spread joy with the food you prepared for your family. Have it together with them and enjoy the feast like never before. I will be sharing Diwali special recipe videos for your convenience at the end of this article. So, be there with me till the end.

9. Include Masks and Sanitizers To Your Diwali Essentials Checklist

Who is not aware of this point this Diwali? But, I still want to remind each and everyone this Diwali to not take this for granted. Have your masks on whenever you go out of the house and sanitize your hands and stuff before using them because negligence is not a choice.

10. Do not allow Stress and Overthinking Come in the Way To Your Diwali Celebrations

You have to make this festival memorable for your family and friends this year as well. Have only this one thought in your mind. Flush all other negative and stressful thoughts. Excessive Thinking will drain your energy and will fade the colors of Diwali from within. So, don’t think of anything which makes you anxious because Maa Lakshmi will protect you and your family every moment this year.

Help yourself cook the Special Diwali Recipes with these easy to cook recipe videos and enjoy the Yum Yum Food!!! 


Make these yummy sweets at home!!!

Go Safe While Doing Fireworks or Lightning Candles

I encourage you to celebrate Diwali in the best way you like to do it. But at the same time, remember to be safe when you do fireworks or light the diyas or candles. Keep your face and clothes away from fire each time you deal with the fire.


Get Ready Friends! It’s time to celebrate.

Wish you all a Prosperous and Joyful Diwali!


Happy Diwali !!!


Please share your Diwali plans in the comments section as an inspiration to our readers. I am so excited to hear from you all!


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