New Mum Queries are multifarious? Are you caught in one of those? Being a New Mum is exciting but with this excitement, you will also develop the curiosity to know more and more about your newborn’s behavior. Understanding your baby’s cues and developmental milestones is challenging for all the new mums. I am also a mom in the same community with my second baby who is 4 months old. There are a number of questions arising in my mind each day from the moment she is born.

Is your curiosity the same as mine?  Do the questions match in every New Mum’s case? Do you also want to explore and find the answers to your questions right here in this article?  Then, let’s start this journey to know more about our little cuties?


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9 Most Curious Questions That Every New Mum Has About Her Baby

9 Most curious Questions That Every New Mum Has About Her Baby. Is Human Touch Is Important for babies?

1.  Why is Human Touch Important For the Babies?

This is the first question that came to my mind when my daughter was born. Your baby will feel you from the time she is born. When parents come in regular touch with their newborns or infants, the children feel comfortable and secure. This helps in their growth both physically and psychologically. Not only the baby but also the mother develops that innate love and care for the baby.


9 Most curious Questions That Every New Mum Has About Her Baby. Do Babies Sleep Most Of The Time?

2. Why Do Babies Sleep Most of The Time?

Babies do not have knowledge of Day and Night when they are born. For months even after birth, they sleep for small stretches and wake up to take their feed when hungry. Their biological clock is still not set on the day and night pattern. But, with time you will see lots of changes in their sleeping patterns. They start to wake up for longer hours searching for the answers to their curious questions. Moreover, they are also fond of seeking attention from their parents and siblings and slowly adjust to the family timetable and sleeping patterns.

9 Most curious Questions That Every New Mum Has About Her Baby. How Do I Understand My Baby Cues?


3. When should I start massaging my Baby and how many times should it be done each day?

Massaging is one of the most important topics to be discussed in our household whenever a couple is blessed with a newborn. It’s nothing to be stressed out, you may start it after a few days or start after a week or two after your baby is born. Massaging two times a day, before giving your baby a bath and also before making him sleep at night is the secret to have a calm and Happy Baby.

What Is The Best Way To Understand Your Baby Cues?

4. What is the best way to understand my baby cues?

Understanding your baby’s cues is tough when you are a New Mum or a first-time Mum. There are many of them like her eyes sparkling bright at me, grasping my finger tight in her fist, making sounds from her tongue and mouth by putting them together, making restless sounds, or screaming on top of her voice. My little one does all of these activities so that I understand what she wants me to do. Start talking and listening to your child right from the day she is born so that you are able to figure out your baby’s cues sooner and make you and your baby happy and satisfied.

Baby Activities

5. How Much should I Participate in my Baby’s activities?

Engaging Yourself with your baby is important but help your baby take independent decisions from an early age. Help your baby with all the activities but let him explore new things himself. Let him ask questions? Little ones have immense curiosity, let them discover new things and feel the pleasure to do that. Their curious minds should be structured up to certain limits and at the appropriate time but not always. Take them out of the house and let them wander in nature to know more each day so as to grow mentally sound and strong.

Is My Baby Getting Proper Nutrition

6.Is My Baby Getting Proper Nutrition To Grow Physically and Mentally Strong?

Nutrition in babies is directly connected to both Physical and Mental growth in newborns, infants, and older children as well. For the first six months after your baby is born, feeding the baby on breastmilk is sufficient and the best. Breastmilk contains all the Vitamins A, B, C, E, K, and minerals required for your baby’s growth. But, still, if you chose to not breastfeed or if it is not sufficient to satisfy your baby’s hunger cravings you can switch to Infant Formulas which are certified and tested for Baby Nutrition and Growth. But, once your baby starts to feed on solid food, you have to be very careful upon diversifying the food varieties of your child. After all, providing your child with all essential nutrients in food is your prime responsibility.


9 Most curious Questions That Every New Mum Has About Her Baby. Why Is My Baby Crying All The Time?

7. Why My Baby cries Most of the time in a Day?

This is not a serious condition or a disease you have to be so scared of, but it’s frustrating. You are not able to understand why your baby is crying continuously without any reason. Mostly in the late hours of the day or during nighttime, your baby may suffer from colic. Colic is a condition similar to gas in newborns and infants. It arises mostly in babies after 6 weeks of birth and lasts up to 5 months. So, don’t worry at all because your baby is normal. Crying in babies is the way to express pain, hunger, or any other discomfort. But, still, if your baby cries constantly for long hours do not hesitate to talk to your Paediatrician.


Baby Clothing

8. What is the Best Way to make my Baby Wear Clothes?

The best way to make the babies wear clothes is by layering. Newborns take some time to adjust themselves to the new atmosphere when they come out of their mother’s womb. They are super soft and delicate, they cannot face harsh weather conditions either very hot or cold just as we grown-ups can. Therefore, it is advisable to do a double-layered clothing pattern for newborns and cover their heads properly, unless it’s very hot. You can continue with this practice until your baby is 6 months old or even if you live in a place with adverse weather conditions.

How Can My Baby Talk Early

9. How can I make my Baby Talk Early?

My first suggestion to every New Mum is to not get impatient or pressurize your child to speak early. But still, there are ways you can try making your kids talk a little early. The best one is to sing to your baby and repeat your words again and again. You are the primary teacher of your little one. He will imitate whatever you speak to him. Children are the best mimics, so make them learn in their style. Talk to your little one as much as you can. Sing your words, read stories to him and repeat small words that he can easily speak. But, remember the most important thing, is to not force your baby and let him learn at his own pace.


To conclude with my words, I want to only say that, Motherhood is unique. Understanding your newborn’s behavior is complicating for every New Mum. Try to be calm, enjoy this period with your little bundle of joy. Give him his time, you will know everything about him without any confusion. But, also do keep researching about your baby cues and growth strategies, explore every bit you can. The last thing I can suggest is to keep your baby calm, healthy, enthusiastic, and supercharged from the day he is born and make these moments unforgettable for your family.

Please share these answers with your Fellow new mums who are searching for any such answers. You can comment below if your questions match those discussed in this article or if you have some new queries that we did not discuss here. 



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