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Straight Hair is a Blessing. I am simply obsessed with those Flawless Hair Strands that look the most beautiful on anyone’s face. Moreover, it’s the most manageable Hair type amongst all others. Straightening hair is a craze for women of any of those 4 Hair Types. It’s the same for Busy Mommies like us as well. If you are a Mommy of a Toddler or Infant and you want to Straighten Hair Naturally, this read is one of the best for you.

I, personally have Straight, 1B, Hair Type, but I still crave super straight hair. That’s just because of my love for those shiny straight hair strands which is a symbol of absolute beauty. The trends in hair straightening are increasing like anything nowadays. You must have also been to the parlour for doing this or maybe wishing to do it someday. But before doing a Hair Straightening, no matter wherever you do this, you must know the Consequences.

Consequences of Artificial Hair Straighteners

What are the Side Effects of Artificial Hair Straightening?

The Side Effects are many, but, some of these will make your Hair really undernourished–

1. Hair Scalp Damage

When your Hair Follicles get exposed to unwanted chemicals for permanent straightening, they may lose their inherent composition. And remember, if you do this regularly, your Hair scalp may damage and result in interrupted Hair growth.

2. Dryness Of Hair

Dryness of Hair is inevitable whenever you try out any Chemical or Heat styling treatments on your Hair. I, try to personally refrain from these techniques except for some very special occasions. The reason behind this dryness is the loss of natural moisture from your hair.

3. Enhanced Frizziness

Frizziness is also a consequence of dryness and scalp damage due to Chemical exposure. No doubt, the Hair straightening treatments will make your Hair flawless immediately after doing it but that’s not everlasting. After your hair wash routine,  the frizz will show up again making the condition worse than before. 

4. Prone To Breakage

This one you can easily guess and why not? Breakage of hair strands is a result of Scalp damage and frizzy hair. Whenever you tend to alter the natural state of any of your body parts, the result will show up in varieties. So before, you do it, be aware of these consequences and the ways to handle this. Go for the ways to Straighten Hair Naturally, if possible because of course, your hair is precious like nothing else.

5. Hair Type Alteration

This is a consequence that alters your originality. Your hair is a part of your Image. Permanent Hair straightening will damage this image and you will not be able to get back to the same mirror image of yours once if you regularly do this. Identity crisis may result in Stress and Depression in women at a later stage anytime.

There are many similar outcomes of the artificial methods you will have to accept while straightening your hair and changing your inborn looks. To delve deeper into further consequences, you can go through this article of and help yourself know more about the After-effects

You must be thinking if there are any solutions to get rid of these consequences and still enjoy a beautiful Straight Hair Type. I say, “yes” there are. When you are willing to do something, you discover your own way. There are some ingredients that will help you Straighten Hair Naturally in the Comfort of your Home, and without inducing any harmful chemicals to your beloved Hair. They have awesome effects on the hair strands to make them straight in a small course of time and that too, naturally.

Ingredients That Straighten Hair Naturally

Lemon for Hair Straightening



Lemon is a magical ingredient that has multiple benefits on your Hair type, whichever category you fall into. When mixed in any other ingredient such as coconut milk or Aloe vera gel, lemon works as a complete hair and Scalp doctor. It protects the Scalp from infection, dandruff, itching, dryness and makes the hair soft and shiny. Its boosts the Vitamin C component of the Hair and improves Scalp health.

For straightening of hair, you can mix around 2-3 tablespoons of Lemon juice with Coconut milk and make it thicker. It’s easier to make it creamy when you refrigerate the ingredients after mixing them together. Apply this mask to your Hair in uniform proportion and leave it for half an hour. Wash it with cold water and apply your Conditioner as you do for a normal hair wash. Do this twice a week if possible and have your hair straightened naturally.

Natural Hair straightener- Milk


Does it sound surprising? It used to be surprising to me earlier but not now after I have personally used it? Pour some raw milk in a Spray Bottle and spray all over your hair proportionately. Let it sit for 30- 40 minutes. Go for a cold water hair wash and conditioning after that. Do this twice every week for faster results and check on the effect. Your hair looks soft and straight each time you apply the milk solution. You must be thinking, why does it happen. The reason behind this is the presence of milk proteins that has a straightening effect on your hair strands.


Straighten Hair Naturally With Banana


Bananas are magical. That’s because bananas also have the property to make your hair super straight. This one is a very low cost, easy to do affair, and that too naturally. Get ready to make a Hair mask with Mashed Bananas, coconut oil that is easily available, curd around 2 tablespoons by mixing them together. After applying keep it for 30 minutes. Wash with cold water and clean with a Herbal or mild shampoo.  I believe you will see the change in a very short time after the application. Not only that, these natural ingredients give an absolute shine and bounce to your hair from the comfort of Home controlling Frizz and Breakage.

Coconut Milk


This one is a unique and mind-blowing Hair- Straightener. The creamy touch of natural coconut milk will make your hair smooth and shiny. The best ingredients to mix with coconut milk are lemon or honey. The frizz in your hair gets controlled and your hair looks straight and shiny.

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera has the ability to healthify your hair from roots to control damage and unwanted curling of the hair. You can easily combine it with coconut or olive oil and apply this as a Hair Mask. The compound Aloenin that is present in Aloe vera promotes healthy hair growth and helps to eliminate greasy-looking hair due to excess sebum.  Apply this mask once or twice for the best results. The extra shine and smoothness make your hair look straighter than ever before.

Castor Oil For Hair Straightening


One of the most effective Hot Oil treatments for Hair Straightening can be done with Castor oil. Mix Castor oil with another base such as Coconut or Olive oil in proportions of half a cup each. Then boil some water in a pan, switch off your Gas, and put your oil bowl into it to warm. Do a light massage on your hair shafts up to the end of your hair length. Leave it for at least 30 minutes or apply at night and leave it overnight. Wash it with cold water and apply conditioner for a shiny straight look. Castor oil controls your hair from frizz and breakage to make it look straighter and shinier.

Apple Cider Vinegar


This ingredient is superb as a natural straightener. The acidic nature of Apple Cider Vinegar helps control the pH of your hair. If you have a Wavy Hair Type, this ingredient is the most effective. Likewise, it helps to smoothen your hair by controlling the Frizz and Tangles. Not only that, if your hair is prone to get tangled most of the time, you can use this ingredient as a detangling agent.

View this article on Hair Types to know your natural hair type and then use the most effective natural ingredient to get shiny, smooth, and straight hair like never before.


So, Busy Mommies, what are you waiting for? Take out some “Me Time” for yourself, without feeling guilty. Inspire yourself to look beautiful as a Mommy to your little one from the comfort of Home. Use these ingredients, and Straighten Your Hair Naturally. Moreover, these natural ingredients will not only make your hair straight but also make them strong and healthy to compensate for your postpartum Hair Loss. 

Please let me know how you like your hair to be. Also, share any other tips in the Comments box if you prefer to Straighten Hair Naturally. We will be happy to know and follow them.




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