अति रूपेण वै सीता चातिगर्वेण रावणः।
अतिदानाद् बलिर्बद्धो ह्यति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत्।|

This is a famous proverb taken from the mythological book “Chanakya Niti “ it means excessive everything takes a person to its destruction as
Goddess Sita was excessively beautiful so got kidnapped.
Ravana was excessively sniffy so he got killed.
King Baali was the biggest Donor so he got killed, therefore excessive of anything is not good.

Now  let’s know more about “Ways to Overcome Excessive Thinking”

What is excessive thinking?


What is “Excessive Thinking”?

When a series of anxious thoughts or obsessions overpower your mind to take you entirely out of control, we can refer to this as excessive thinking. There is a thin line of distinction between just thinking and excessive thinking. Excessive thinking takes us to our past happenings or future planning. In the state of overthinking, you only have your physical body in the present, but your mind is roaming somewhere else in the Cosmos.

Reasons for Excessive Thinking

Researchers say women think more than men.

1. One reason for this is our hormonal structure which is beyond our control.

2. Another major reason for excessive thinking is since childhood, we have been asked to think about any step we take in our life. Even what to wear, how to behave in a public place, what to eat, whom to talk, sit, and chat bla bla.. this makes our habit to think more.

Is excessive thinking good or bad?

Is excessive thinking good or bad?

Yes, the habit of thinking is good. We should take any step after analyzing it properly. For analyzing anything, we need to think, plan, discuss, and implement. But when we start only thinking, it impacts our health.

Types of Thinking

Thinking is of two types:
Constructive thinking
Destructive thinking
Constructive thinking is always good as it brings some value addition to our lifestyle, but destructive thinking causes confusion.

Excessive thinking also creates confusion in our minds which forces us to think more and more.

Stop overthinking

What are the side effects of excessive thinking?


If we think too much about any subject, most of the time we find that we do not get a solution but we get confused and puzzled about how to move.

Lack of confidence

This leads to a lack of confidence and we feel dependent on others for guidance or solution.


When the habit persists, it leads to sleeplessness which further affects our health and ultimately affected our actions. Try not to bother yourself thinking that who is thinking what about you. Let the world think of their own way, you do what you feel right and good for you.


6 Ways to Overcome Excessive Thinking

Now my stylish and fit ladies- first tips I will give you on how to overcome yourself from excessive thinking.

1. Take a Break To Overcome Excessive Thinking

When you are puzzled and think for a long time… Take a break, touch your face softly with both hands, and close your eyes. Now bring both the eyeballs near the inner down corner of your eyes and try to see your nose tip from both the eyes. Concentrate your sight on your nose tip for 5 minutes. The first time it may sound funny but try it. It will help you a lot.

2. Start practicing meditation

Make it a daily routine. Time and place are not binding, you can practice it any place and any posture.. maybe in office break for 10 minutes or after evening bath. Of course, don’t practice it while driving else it will lead you to permanent peace.

3. Start following your hobby

If you are working, manage some time from your busy office schedule.. and must practice.
If you are a homemaker it will keep you busy and make you happy. Do whatever you like to do.

4. Never feel depressed

When you feel stressed, talk to someone either in person or over the phone, take suggestions from experts on that topic, or a more experienced person. It helps.. thinking about yourself without discussion will not make your decision refine.. you can always contact me. After all, I am your friend.

5. Laughter is the biggest stress buster

Laugh louder. Again don’t think that what people will think hearing your laughter. Laugh with an open heart and mind.

6. Discuss Openly

Another thing, to stop the habit of excessive thinking is to discuss openly. Whenever you have any doubt on any decision which you want to take, you must discuss with the experts. These days, everything is available on google. Try to google it and you will get many suggestions.


So, in a nutshell.. avoid excessive thinking. Live your life at present.  The past is never going to come back and the future is yet to come. It’s hard to change if it becomes your habit, but try the suggestions that I have given here, which will certainly help you from saving yourself from the habit of excessive thinking.
Feel free to write to me with any suggestions in your state of confusion.

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