Baby First Food List To Start With Solids

Hey Mommies! Do you have a little one who is going to be 6 months now? To let you all know, I do have one who turned 6 months, early this month itself. And, I must say you would be equally excited as I was. The phase of transition from liquid to solid food is one of the first milestones in your baby’s life. It’s exciting but equally overwhelming to feed the First Foods to your 6month old baby. But do not worry, I am here to help with your Baby’s First Food List, right away in this article. 

Did you start to compile your Baby First Food List?

I have compiled one for my 6-month-old and this list will you feed your little one as well. So, go ahead, read the article till the end and feed your baby with whichever suits him the best.

Why do you need to start feeding your baby solid foods from 6 months itself?

The answer to this question has to be given before I start with the first foods you can offer to them. From 6 months onwards, your baby needs more nutrition and energy to grow and carry out the metabolic activities of his body. His organs are expanding and his activities as well, that is why it’s time to supplement his body with more minerals, vitamins, and proteins. But dear mommies, there is one very important point for you to note down. And, that is, to treat Breastmilk or Formula, whichever, you prefer, as the Primary food to your baby till he is a year old.   

There are a few more reasons to feeding your little one. These are the acts of swallowing, chewing, folding, and twisting the tongue to start learning the ways of eating. This is the first step to Baby Led Weaning that you need to start with your baby from the 6th month of his age. 

Along with these, from 6 months onwards, babies should start with soft solids in pureed forms. You can keep the consistency of the food as per your baby’s adherence to food. 

Hereunder, I bring for you the Baby First Food List and Recipes, that I started with my 6-month-old. I totally rely upon this list as this has been tried and tested with my elder daughter as well. And, now, for my younger one, I am following the same.  


Baby First Food List For Your 6 month old

Baby First Food List For Your 6- Month- Old Baby


With their high fiber content and tangy, tasty flavor, apples are the best First foods, that can be offered to your little one.  Apples contain a very important compound called polyphenols. And, this compound will act as a protective layer for the mucosal lining of your baby’s digestive system.

Pureed Apple

Pureed Apple Recipe

Wash and peel two pieces of apple. After that, boil, pressure cook, or steam the pieces for 7-8 minutes to make the apples soft. Now, you can easily mash it or blend it once it cools down. Add some water to have a thin consistency. This will help your baby to swallow easily. Feed about 1-2 tablespoons or as per the appetite of your baby for three consecutive days after checking for allergies if any. 


After 6 months, your baby’s physical growth is going to enhance at a higher pace. This process requires more calcium and phosphorus for the development of healthy bones and muscles. Pears also add roughage and fibers to your baby’s diet.

Pureed Pear

Pureed Pear Recipe

This is almost similar to the Apple Puree recipe. Wash and steam the pieces of pear to make them super soft. Then, mash it or blend it into a puree with running consistency by adding water. Give only 1- 3 tablespoons to your child when you start. Go for more if your baby still shows hunger signs, otherwise, this quantity would be enough in the 6th month for your little munchkin.


The easiest one in my Baby First Food List and the best fruit my little one likes to eat. Moreover, Banana’s pulp is naturally sweet and soft that most babies like to snack on. Not only that, bananas’ rich folate content is good for your Baby’s brain and Digestive System. 


Pureed Banana

Pureed Banana Recipe

Wash the banana, peel out the skin, and mash or blend it into a thin paste. To make it into a puree form, you can add some pumped-out breastmilk or formula milk whichever is your baby’s choice. Watch out for any allergies or constipation in your baby after you feed the banana puree recipe. Because it tastes sweet, babies may show hunger signs even after their usual feed. You can always feed them a little more and make them happier. 


Do you have this large fruit incorporated in your baby’s first food list. It has a combination of healthy Vitamins such as C, E, K, B and minerals such as magnesium and zinc. Also, its high fiber content will make your baby stay away from Constipation. 

Pureed Avocado

Pureed Avocado Recipe

This is the easiest recipe for the mommies busy doing other baby chores.  Wash an avocado, peel off the skin and mash its soft pulp with your fingers slowly or blend it for a couple of seconds. I am explaining it the way I do this, and see! It’s ready! After that, you mix it with breastmilk or formula to make it thin and give it a better taste. Serve 1-3 tablespoons when you start and do this continuously for 3 days to check for allergies if any. 


A great source of nutrients for your babies. This variety of pulses or lentils, either one you may say, will provide enough protein and iron to make your baby healthy and energetic throughout the day. Moreover, this food variety will diversify the taste of your baby’s food. 

Lentil or Moong dal recipe For 6 month Old Baby First Food List

Moong Dal Recipe 

Soak around 2-3 tablespoons Moong dal for 3- 4 hours. After that, you can pressure cook or boil it at low flame for 3- 4 whistles or till it becomes super soft and easy to mash. Let it cool for 5-10 minutes and strain the dal water for your baby’s after lunch snack. Adding salt or sugar to your 6 months old is a “No-No” but I sometimes add a 1/4 of a pinch of salt add to enhance its taste. If your baby likes it plain, that is the best. 


There are some points to be noted when you feed the dal recipe to your little munchkin. First, watch out for how your baby reacts to this food. You should do this because sometimes the lentil or dal soup makes your baby gassy. Also, because of its high protein content, it may cause discomfort in digesting food or make your baby constipated. If that is the case, stop the consumption for some days or try it after periodic intervals or in the 7th or 8th month.  


This one is a whole grain food and promotes healthy digestion in your baby. Oats are one of the best food choices good for the energy supply and calorie requirements of your baby. I started with an oatmeal breakfast 5 years back for my elder daughter. And, this was the only food item she never discontinued. She enjoys an oatmeal breakfast like nothing else and now I am doing the same for my younger one who is 6 months. 

Oatmeal Puree For Your Baby First Food List

Oatmeal Puree Recipe

Add 1 tablespoon of powdered oats to 6 to 7 ounces of water and boil it for 2 minutes. Keep stirring so that you do not get any lumps. As soon as it becomes thick, switch off the stove. You can add 3-4 tablespoons of breastmilk or formula milk to make it tastier for your baby. You can grind your oatmeal cereals sufficient for a week together and store them in an airtight container to make the preparation process easier. Also, you may vary the quantity according to your baby’s diet but let this food be complementary till your baby is a year old. 


The oatmeal cereal should be of running consistency so check for the thickness once it cools down. Your baby should not find it difficult to swallow. Also, check that oats do not make your child constipated. If that is the case, stop feeding this and start it again at 7th or 8th month.


This is loved by everyone, not only kids but grown-ups also. My meal is incomplete till I do not have a small bowl of rice on my plate. Frankly speaking, I feel like I missed my lunch. I feel the same for my little girl. You may incorporate Rice cereal a few days after you introduce fruits and vegetables to your baby once your baby is used to eating solids.

Rice is a very good source of calcium and magnesium that is good for your baby’s bones and muscle development. The rich carbohydrates present in this help your baby gain energy to remain throughout the day. Moreover, feeding rice cereal helps in easy digestion. You can also use it in powdered form and store it in an airtight container.

Rice Cereal Recipe

Dal Khichdi For Your Baby First Food List
Dal Khichdi

Add 1-2 tablespoons of rice cereal to dal or lentil soup and boil it for 10- 15 minutes on low flame. You can also add water to cook the rice very soft and tender. I usually pressure cook my dal khichdi for 3- 4 whistles and mash or blend it into a fine puree. But, if you use powdered rice, it will take 3-4 minutes to cook your dal rice puree instantly. 

Rice Porridge

Rice Porridge

Soak 2 tablespoons of rice for 3- 4 hours. Cook the soaked rice in 1 cup of water till it becomes soft to mash. Then, mash the rice and add 5- 6 tablespoons of formula milk or breastmilk to this and stir it. You can also add 2-3 tablespoons of warm water for a thin consistency of your porridge. Serve your little one when it is at room temperature. If your baby likes sweet food, he will surely love this recipe. 

Important Points To Keep In Mind While Feeding Your 6- month old

1. Go For Limited Mealtime When You Start

Do not go for more than 1- 2 meals in the 6th month, this will make your baby overwhelmed and bored of eating solids. Let the period of transition from solids to liquids be playful for your little one.

2. Diversify Your Baby’s Food with Varieties

Go for more varieties in your baby’s food. Your Baby First Food List must-have food items that differ in taste from each other. For example, Dal, Fruit purees, Porridge are some foods and recipes that will help your baby get acquainted with different foods tastes.

3. Always Follow The 3- Day Wait Rule Before Trying A New Food Item

This one is most important to follow when you start with your baby’s food transition process. Whenever you start with a new food item, continue with that particular food item for 3 days and then change. this is also called the 3- Day wait rule. You should do this to check for any allergies from any particular food item.

4. Start with Single Food Puree To Check For Allergies

I practiced this step in the very first month when I started with my baby’s food transition. This I did in order to check for any allergies. Mixing two or more food items can confuse my fellow mommies who follow the 3- Day Wait Rule.

5. Always keep Solids as Complementary Until 1 year of Age

Remember to not feed your Baby with the solids in the main course mealtime. Breastmilk or Formula milk is the main meal for your baby till he/she is 1 year. Solid food transition should just be for fun and practice before 1st year. Breastmilk at this time is the main source of nutrients and immunity building before he is a year old.

6. Do Not Hurry, Be Calm, And Patient

As already discussed, your baby may refuse to eat particular food items many times initially. This is the time to keep yourself calm. Do not try to spoon-feed your baby forcibly. He will learn to do everything with time. The world and everything around including food are new to him. Time will mold his habits, practice feeding him each day in no hurry. One day he is going to accept all you want him to do. 


So, Mommies! Get going, get rid of stress, and prepare these simple yummy recipes for your 6- month old as I am doing right now. Let your baby take his/ her time. Cherish these unforgettable moments. Click some pictures while feeding your baby, notice those priceless expressions. Let your little munchkin enjoy this transition playfully. Happy Motherhood! 

Please do share your views in the comments section if you like this post. You can also share your Baby’s Food Transition Tips and the Baby First Food List exclusively compiled for your little one if you have any. 



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