August 2, 2021
Practice Self-Care To Trigger Yourself With Power And Energy

Practice Self-Care To Trigger Yourself With Power And Energy

Practice self-care and start experiencing a change in your life. Know exactly what is self-care, its benefits, and ways to practice this in your life.

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit”

Start your journey with Self-care

Life is an unsolved puzzle. Moreover, it’s a vicious circle of myths and dilemmas in which we get caught very easily.  However, it is possible to seek clarification with an eye of wisdom and faith. Unless we strive to solve the puzzle of life with a strong determination and will power, we cannot reach the destination of real happiness.

But are we aware of this reality? I am sure most people are not. To me, life always came in bits and pieces and it took me years to join these pieces together. But still, some are missing. Likewise, Self-care was also one of those missing pieces.

Unveil your Life with small changes

The day I decided to try out for a change, my life changed. Regardless of how busy I am, the thoughts of anxiety and stress have always had a room to live with me. The fear of loneliness in this very big world always haunted me since I was a child. Above all, I felt lost many times even though I had my beloved family surrounding me everywhere. Indeed, it took me years to resolve this. You can have a look at my story if you want to know more about me.


Time to Practice Self Care

Make yourself fit for the self-care regime

Not long back, one day I was sitting doing nothing physically but mentally stuck between the waves of my own thoughts. I don’t know who forced me to do this but I suddenly closed my eyes for some time chanting those words of peace and mindfulness. I saw a spiritual guide doing this while watching some random videos on how to attain peace. Although I did not find a very big change in myself, there was a glimpse of change in me for sure. Then I decided to repeat this to confirm this was real. I practiced it, especially whenever the thoughts of loneliness aroused in me. This was my first initiative towards self-care. My journey to fit in the self-care regime is now on. I want to move on and on because I feel the secrets of life can be solved only when we explore it without quitting.

Say “yes” to self-care, to get energized

The day I said “yes” to care for myself, my life started to change. I witnessed frequent mood swings but was unable to figure out what was the reason. Has anyone of you, faced such a situation. I am sure you must have. This can happen to anyone who is busy fulfilling his/her day to day activities in life. To take out time for yourself may be overwhelming.

Self care isn't selfish

Have some “me time”, it’s not selfish

The time I take out caring for myself is my “me time”. It sounds obvious, isn’t it? But, do I look selfish when I say that? To be fair and kind enough to yourself cannot be selfish. My “me time” consists of meditation and the time I spent watching nature every day.

So, don’t get confused, do not even feel shy when you say this. Self-care helps us to give more, it can never be selfish.

Want to Trigger yourself with power and energy, self-care is the key

Self-care in this century is a truth unavoidable. However, if you feel unwell or stressed out, will you be able to participate in or organize events for your family and friends? Often at times, you miss those precious moments just because you don’t feel like attending them. Is something similar going on in your life too? Take your time, think over it, and decide subsequently.

Make self-care a priority, it’s important.

Following the same routine day and night will make you a grumpy and exhausted human one day. Moreover, the people you love the most may start disliking your behavior.

Don’t take yourself for granted, you are special.

It’s all about loving yourself. Likewise, you can experience real joy and happiness within you once you start believing in yourself. All you need to do is to explore. Give yourself some time and I am sure you will realize. But this is possible only when you take out your “me time.

Alarm yourself, its time you “Take a Break

Till now, you must have understood the importance of self-care and why we need to practice it without delays. But to be clear enough, let’s start by defining it a little bit more.

What is Self-Care?

In very simple words, it is to take a break from your busy routine life and give some time to yourself. Also, it can be defined as the actions which you incorporate in your life to make yourself healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

It’s not a waste of time, an essence of life.

Do you feel waves of thoughts filled with anxiety and fear moving high and low in your mind? Instead of feeling blissful and happy, you get caught in the chains of anxiety, fear, and stress whenever you are willing to enjoy your life. This is the time when self-care practice plays its part.

Self-care is non-negotiable, mark this checklist to find out why?

  •  Are you getting short-tempered and crabby very easily?
  •  Sleepless nights or poor sleep quality.
  • Feeling stressed out or frustrated.
  • Exhausted, bitterness in life.

You may also feel tired and grumpy or unwell from within. Having too many responsibilities and fulfilling them without a break or a pause makes you weak from inside.


Discover yourself from within

Discover yourself, make the connection

Start practicing self-care on a regular basis, no matter how much time you invest in this but start doing it and you will find a change in you. The soul consciousness inside you will start to rise and you will find yourself in peace.

Let’s move ahead to know the primary benefits of caring for yourself.

Top 5 Benefits of Self-care.

Improves Productivity

Try out taking some rest and doing your day to day activities. You will feel yourself doing more work than you earlier did. This is because when you take a break between intervals you give your body the time to rejuvenate and accumulate energy to perform better.

Helps connect to ourselves

Give time to your mind and body together as it helps establish a soul connection that gives you inner peace and motivates you to move on with positive thoughts.

Incorporates Positivity

Positivity is all about the kind of energy within and around you. When you practice self-care, the feeling of love and compassion starts to grow within you. This transforms negative energy into positivity.

Improves physical and emotional health

Once you start caring for yourself, you start improving both physically and mentally. Vibrations arising in the mind and body is pure and uninterrupted. This makes you healthy and happy.

Helps you feel motivated and confident

When you care for yourself your energy is accumulated and focused. The level of motivation is high and carrying on responsibilities is easier.

With these now you must have known why self-care has to be a priority in your life. So, now let’s move ahead and discuss some ways to practice self-care.

Self care activities

Ways to Practice Self care

  1. Take out some time to practice stress-relieving exercise or yoga in your daily routine. Even 10- 15 minutes a day can work out initially for people who are busy in their daily activities.
  2. Spend some time outdoors in the lap of Mother nature. A morning or evening walk will pave the way to start with this.
  3. Try doing meditation for inner peace and experience yourself from within.
  4. Take a luxurious bath. This will make your Aura shine and give you comfort physically and mentally as well.
  5. Listen to soothing soft music.
  6. Practice doing essential oil massage to refresh yourself.
  7. Think of a hobby you now have given up due to your busy schedule, start practicing it again.
  8. Boost up your creativity. Try doing some DIY project, drawing, painting, or gardening to rejuvenate yourself physically and mentally.
  9. Spend quality time with family and friends especially with small children. This keeps you away from unwanted anxiety.

Practicing these self-care activities will make you blissful and happy from within.

Note: Self-care is an inevitable part of your life, it’s not self-indulgent but self-realization.

Take up this Task!

  1. Say ‘No’ when uncomfortable

It’s okay to say ‘no’ if you feel the task difficult. Keep it simple and soft. Bring out your real self.

  1. Think out of the box

Do what you believe is right, do your research and take your decisions consciously, your mind has the power to judge.

  1. Limit yourself to the line

Be clear in setting your boundaries yourself. No one can know you better than yourself.

  1. Be Yourself

Follow your heart, mind, and body. Self-care plays a very important part here. You become more confident when you present your thoughts in front of others.

5. Stop Thinking too much

Thinking too much makes us weak emotionally and mentally as well. Thoughts of anxiety and fear never let you be in peace. Moreover, overthinking can even affect your physical health in several unseen ways.


In Conclusion, I urge you all my readers to take up the task so that you can analyze the self-care necessity in your life. Likewise, it will help you walk in the right direction to follow the path of well-being making yourself more powerful and energized. When you practice self-care in life, it is not only you who is getting the benefits but also your loved ones because it’s all about learning to give more. Feel it by doing it, it’s not a luxury, but an act of survival.

Please share your comments if you find this article informative. You can also share how these practices, if followed earlier brought a change in your life.

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