January 26, 2021

How to decorate your home on a low budget: My Top 17 Tips

Decorate your Home on a Low Budget with these Tips

In this World of varieties, the only place I can bet upon as my sole discovery is my sweet little home. This one single space has several forms. My workspace, my child’s indoor play space, my cookbook discovery space, and last but not the least it’s my cozy, comfy, wonderful home.

I am lucky enough to have a chance to decorate every bit of my house according to my own wish list. But at the same time, I do not have the liberty to live in the same house for a lifetime. With my husband’s transferable job, I have to shift to different places and to new homes after a couple of years or two. And, this is the reason why I consider decorating my house on a low budget with some tips and tricks I discovered in the last few years.

canvas art decors for living room

1. Wall Hanging Décor for Living room

When you have a living room to decorate, try out first with a wall hanging décor. You can buy them online from Amazon at low prices, in stores near you, or make your own DIY wall hanging. I prefer making a DIY cloth painted wall hanging décor or a luminescent wall hanging which glows in the night. Likewise, there are various canvas art paintings that give your room an elegant look, but you must keep in mind the color of the walls in your living room. Decorating the walls with contrast color combinations will make your room look artistic and eye-catching. You can have a look at some of these canvas art pieces when you are on a low budget.


Decorate your home on low budget by painting a wall

2. Paint a Wall

Make your living room wall look elegant and different painting a wall yourself. This is one of the best techniques that help you keep on a low budget. At the same time, it makes your living room look beautiful. All you need to do for this is to take out extra time out of your daily routine or book yourself occupied with this on a weekend and then see the result. But one more thing you need to keep in mind is the color combination you set for a single wall.

How to decorate your home with Antiques

3. Make a combination of Traditional and Modern art

Combine the modern artwork with at least one or a couple of Antiques to give it a Royal touch. You can head over to the nearby antique sale if any or buy out some memorable décors of some famous places whenever you go on a Holiday. Always try to give your Antique collection a special place so that it seeks attention from your special guests.

Add a Rug to the Floor

4. Add a Rug to the Floor to create a focal point

We can use a rug to focus attention at the center of our living room. To make it attractive we must try to contrast the color of the rug with the color of the walls we painted earlier. Not only to focus at the center but rugs can also define the areas of separation if we have a spacious living room. They also incorporate a variety of our living room space on the whole. But, always keep in mind to buy the same sized rugs when you prefer them to define separate areas of your living room space. Not only that you can also dress your wall with rugs as well. This kind of arrangement can give a unique look to your living room.

Spacious living room

5. Create an open space near to the Doors

Make your living room space look properly ventilated and open when you sit there. Do not cluster your living room space especially the space near the doors with too many items. Let it breathe in and out to feel exuberant. Uncover any distractions which hinder your way to have a look directly outside in the balcony or patios while you are sitting in your living room.

Chandelier Decoration

6. Chandelier Decoration

Whenever you want to give an exquisite look to your living room space, try out with a chandelier for sure. A chandelier depicts both elegance and beauty. It can either be a centerpiece or a décor on the sidewalls where everyone entering into your living space will take out an extra second staring this piece. Apart from that, when you are on a low budget prefer doing research on your product before you place an order so that you find out some rare pieces at a lower price. You can even try for a DIY craft to make a Chandelier if you are good at making artistic things at home.

Decorative Curtains

7. Revamp the windows with new curtains

Draping the windows with curtains in full length will make your room look like a cozy, comfy den. Hanging it from ceiling to floor for the windows provides a distinguishing feature to the living room space. Cotton fabric looks good with any kind of décor and is also a low budget option. You can also paint bright colored stripes or patterns on the curtains to give them a focused look.

Colorful ceiling pattern

8. Colorful ceiling pattern

You can try this also to give a distinguished look to your room. Try this pattern by coloring the ceiling in contrast with the wall color. If possible, try matching the cushions with a color which same as the color of your ceiling. This is an uncommon technique, but this can make your room look eye-catchy, colorful, and different.

Decorate with plants

9. Decorate with indoor plants

Indoor plants help freshen up the air, boost your mood, and give a touch of nature to your living room space. There are several ways in which you can decorate these plants. Use a bench or small shelf if you have a spacious room and you love greenery indoors. But if you are less on space you can try out hanging plants. Not only that, but hanging plants can also give trendy looks to your room. You can also have one single big potted plant if you like it simple and green.

kitchen tiles

10. Decorate your kitchen with Photo tiles

You have a small or spacious kitchen, try out with a little artwork, and give your kitchen an authentic look. This is something I like in my kitchen, a distinguished look with some photo tiles which has pictures depicting varieties of coffee. You can also go for a similar theme to figure out an attractive kitchen wall.

Decorate your home on low budget with these hanging shelves

11. Hang on small Shelves to Display the Kitchen items

You can go for this when you have beautiful cookware or chinaware glasses to display at your home. This is also a good option when you have less kitchen space to accommodate everything inside the closed drawers. You can even hang pendant lights to make your kitchen bright with varieties of mini pendant lights, bowl pendant lights, or kitchen island pendants lights as well.

Make a Grooming space

12. Incorporate a grooming or vanity space in your bedroom

This space can be used by any member of your family. If you have a teen in your family, they would love this modification. Keep all your beauty products neatly displayed in this space so that your day starts fresh and calm whenever you use this space.


storage baskets

13. Use low-cost storage boxes or baskets for spare items

These are the handy containers in which you can keep spare items for a day or two when you are in a hurry leaving out for office or to hang out somewhere. This is also an essential item so that you do not mix clean, already arranged items with the dirty, unarranged ones. It saves you from spending out extra time for housekeeping.

Gallery wall

14. Make a DIY Gallery wall for your bedroom

Make an exclusive Gallery wall for your bedroom with pictures that remind you of the happiest moments of your life. You can frame them in beautiful canvas photo frames or frame it in the form of a collage. You can also use the DIY techniques for self- made personalized photo frames as well.

Decorate your home with Floral art wallpapers on the sidewalls

15. Add removable Floral Art Wallpapers for Bedroom

To add a distinguishable look to your bedroom, add bold printed colorful and removable wallpapers to a single wall in your bedroom. Match it in contrast with the wall color to make a perfect shade for the entire room in a single stare.

Decorate your home with Night lamp in the bedroom

16. Decorate your Bedroom with a Nightlamp

A nightlamp in your master bedroom is an essential choice for every household. You can wait for festive sale offers to shop for this item. Likewise, you can also visit the nearby stores to find out a beautiful piece for your bedroom.

Decorate your home with luminescent wall stickers

17. Put Luminescent stickers on the ceiling or sidewalls

A very good option which I tried for the ceiling of my master bedroom. With the luminescent star stickers glowing up with a very faint light above my bed, it depicts a beautiful night sky. But this was possible because we lived in a place which was cold. As such, we did not require any fans. But you can put these stickers on the side walls as well. Also, this is a low budget option to decorate your interiors.


In conclusion, I would suggest you all home lovers to try out your own creativity and keep changing the styles with intervals to create unique patterns for your home interiors. Always reiterate your home with new ideas to refresh the environment indoors. Incorporate positivity in your house with cleanliness, greenery, and natural touch. Help yourself with some of the tips discussed above in the article if you like them and make your home the happiest ever place for you to live in.

You can share ideas and pictures of ways in which you try out decorating your home so that you become a source of inspiration for all our readers.







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