Priyanka jha
Priyanka Jha

I am glad you are here with me. I created this blog to cherish the experiences of a woman’s life. If we are happy, the world around us will be happy and so will be our loved ones. Being a woman, I am trying to make myself stronger with every challenge that comes in my way. The same I want you all my women folks to also do. Let’s live, learn, and laugh together. Sharing always makes us stronger, confident, and motivated. With this blog, I want to connect and share all those moments of life that every woman needs to pay attention to and solve them being blissful and happy.

What do I want to offer?

With this blog, I want to explore and offer solutions to the everyday issues a woman faces wearing multiple hats in her life. Multitasking should be a strength not a burden for the women of the 21st century.

My Story

Born in India in 1987 in a joint family and being the eldest kid amongst all my siblings and cousins, I have been lucky to be the most loved one. Like every other kid, my childhood was simple and super enjoyable both in school and at home. My parents always wanted me to be well educated and independent in life which I started to achieve early on. I started my career as a banker worked more than a couple of years in two different government organizations. There, I also met my life partner who then was an awesome colleague, and after a period of time my awesome husband. I am blessed to have him in my life. But my marriage was more of a turning point in my life. I migrated from India to San Francisco, U.S with my husband for a work project assigned to him.
My daughter was born the same year and now she is 4. This sweet little Angel arrived in my life and everything changed. It was a situation when motherhood overpowered everything. I wanted to have a family that lives together. So, I decided to quit my job and dedicate my quality time to my family. But somewhere I was not satisfied. I always wanted to add some value to my persona and my community. This was the point I decided to write about womanhood. I want each woman to reveal the secrets of her life herself and live it healthy and happy. So, I urge you all my women folks to join me in the journey to womanhood where happiness and self-realization will be the destination to reach.
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