August 2, 2021
3 Best Nail Care Recipes to Grow Your Nails Stronger

3 Best Nail Care Recipes to Grow Your Nails Stronger

Strong Beautiful Nails



Life is not perfect but the nails could be.

Truly said, isn’t it?  Your nails reflect your personality as an individual especially when it comes to us women folks. And, why only women, we all desire to have perfectly carved healthy nails.

Maintaining those perfect, healthy nails may be tedious for us many times. Taking out time for Nail Care amongst the other essential obligations is not very easy. But then, this ultimately results in hard, brittle unhealthy nails.

There may be so many reasons behind the hard, brittle or breakable nails you have. Out of them, I am sharing with you the most probable ones in this article.



Grow Strong Healthy Nails

Reasons for Weak, Brittle Nails

1. Lack of moisture

If you are living in dry weather conditions, or especially during Winter months your skin and nails lose the water content to make them dry. Likewise, when you wash your hands several times, it can dry your fingernails making them coarse and brittle.

2. A lot of moisture

When your hands get exposed to harsh chemicals, detergents or acetone nail removers frequently you may experience your nails to have too much water content and easily breakable.

3. Due to Medical conditions

You can also have weak brittle nails when you are suffering from medical conditions such as thyroid or iron deficiency. Moreover, Age is also a factor which can lead to corrosion of nails gradually.

But that’s not the end, you can always improve with your efforts. Same is the case with nails, so try these fabulous DIY Nail care recipes of mine which I used on my nails to attain those beautifully carved, strong nails. These nail care recipes have ingredients that are best for the growth of our nails and helps to make them stronger than ever before.

3 Best Nail Care Recipes For Strong Beautiful Nails


Garlic Olive Oil Recipe

1. Garlic Olive Oil Growth Recipe 

This is an amazing nail growth recipe for anyone eager to have long strong nails. Both of the ingredients Garlic and Olive oil are perfect rejuvenators to attain healthy nails. Garlic is rich in Selenium which multiplies nail growth at a fast pace.

Steps For Preparation

Peel off around 10- 15 cloves of garlic, cut them into small pieces and saute them in  1/4 a cup of Olive oil for a few minutes on low heat. Let the garlic get sauteed until it turns to golden brown colour. Let it cool down, strain the oil and apply it your nails, cuticles and fingers before going to sleep at night. The best way to apply this recipe is to gently massage your fingers nails and cuticles with this oil. When you massage your nails and cuticles, the blood flows in that area increases and helps you get better results. Allow it to act overnight and wash it in the morning. You can also use Coconut oil to prepare this recipe as an option and achieve similar results. You can also preserve this growth oil for more than a week when stored in an airtight container.


Honey Lemon Juice Nail Care Recipe

2. Honey Lemon Juice Recipe 

Honey is a magical ingredient for growing healthy strong nails because of it’s antibacterial and antifungal properties. Likewise, lemon and orange juice are rich in Vitamin C and improves collagen synthesis for nails and skin. So, go on prepare this for yourself without giving it a second thought.

Steps for Preparation 

Take out a few drops of Lemon juice and add 1- 2 tsp of honey in it and mix it well together. Cover your nails and cuticles with the mixture and leave it for 15 – 20 minutes. Then rinse and pat it dry and apply a hands cream or a moisturizer whichever available. After a little time, you will notice softness in your nails and cuticles. I prefer doing this 2 – 3 times every week for faster results.

Garlic Orange Juice Soak Recipe

Minced Garlic Orange Juice Soak Recipe

Garlic is one of the best growth stimulators for nails with its composition rich in selenium. And, so is Orange juice rich in Vitamin C. Orange juice also helps in the synthesis of collagen and promotes the growth of nails.

Steps For Preparation

Peel around 10- 12 pieces of Garlic cloves and cut them into very small pieces or crush them. Add this to 2-3 tablespoons or 1/4 a cup of orange juice. Then, soak your nails for 15-  20 minutes in this solution. After that, you can wash your hands. Pat it dry and apply a very light moisturizer or hands cream on your nails, cuticles and fingers. You can try this 2- 3 times as per your convenience.

Nail Facts

Some Facts About Nails

1. Research shows that fingernails grow at double the rate to that of the toenails. Fingernails of an Adult person grows at 3.5 millimetres (mm) each month in comparison to the toenails that grow around 1.7 mm.

2. Both hair and nails are made up of the same compound called Keratin which is a hard protective layer of protein. But despite that nails are harder because they have a different cellular arrangement compared to that of your hair.

3. Nails in males grow at a faster rate than that in females. Also, the nails in the thumb grow at the slowest pace.

4. Regular colouring of nails may inhibit oxygen supply to the nail bed and if this is persistent, it may lead to weaker nails.

5. Stress may reduce the growth of nails and can also be a contributor to other illness as well.

So, now taking it to the end I would like to conclude this article by emphasizing all my readers to take personal care of your nails by taking some sometimes busy schedules. This will take you to the next level of confidence and dignity than ever before.

If you like my DIY Nail Care recipes please share your views in the comments sections below.










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