January 26, 2021
10 Things Women Can Do To Empower Themselves

10 Things Women Can Do To Empower Themselves


Women Empowerment

“The Empowered Woman is Powerful Beyond Measure and Beautiful Beyond Description”. This festive season, it’s time to regain your strength. You have every bit of it in you already, but you definitely need to remind this to you every moment. It’s time to take charge and feel the power from within you. Know about these 10 Things Women Can Do To Empower Themselves to face the challenges of life fearlessly. If you are feeling bored with your daily routine life, go for a change. I feel empowered when I make myself the Centerpiece of my Life and invest time doing things that I love to do since I was a child. These small things will make you feel Empowered when you are stuck with your responsibilities in life.

A New Perspective: The Virtue Of Womanhood

Gone are those days. The small girl in me has grown up into a woman who plays multiple roles, does multitasking before getting tired or worn out. So, dear womenfolks, frankly speaking about myself, I will say this is the real power of womanhood. I consider most of my women friends must have similar jobs like mine.  It takes enormous strength to continuously juggle between several things to maintain a work-life balance and emerge as a winner. Remind yourself each time you are caught up in the shackles of negative thoughts that ‘You’ as a woman are born with the ability to fight and overcome. Not only that, you become stronger each time you face the challenges of your life to fight even better than before and come out victorious.

Women are Stronger Than Situations

Are you Stronger than Situations?

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

Situations come and go throughout life. A woman who has the power to stand out with rock-solid strengths is a role model for the whole tribe. You must be thinking if this is as easy to execute as I say! Of course, it’s not my dear friends! I want you all to not get shattered. Live a happy life no matter whichever situation you are in. Or else if you carry it as a burden, at last, you will leave the earth as a dissatisfied, aggrieved, unhappy soul.

Women or Warrior- Are they similar?

“Above all, Be the Heroine of your Life, Not the Victim.”

From Ancient times, Patriarchy has been prevalent in Civilizations. The concept of Patriarchy which was introduced to relate the gender roles with their behavioral traits has been interpreted wrongly for ages. This wrong interpretation gives our society the freedom to treat women inferior to men at times. But this is just a misbelief, woman can always go hand in hand with men. Not only that a woman is a foundation of a family and a society as well. So, learn to tackle your life with courage and valor. Your cheerfulness is the oxygen of your life. Do not get shattered while dealing with situations that are not in your favor. Make yourself a fearless Queen of your life and victory will be yours always.

Now let’s go ahead and discuss some ways to empower yourself in life to become strong and fearless. Likewise, you should always develop in yourself the qualities which will make everyone bow down to your personality. A woman can do anything and everything but before that, you must realize your strengths and abilities.

10 Things Women Can Do To Empower Themselves

1. Empower Yourself with Education

Education is the key to gain power and self-confidence. Always grab the opportunities that help you become knowledgeable. Develop your skills whenever you get a chance. If you have a hobby or passion to do something in life, always give it a try. Maybe success is waiting for you. If not with a passion or hobby, at least try to learn new things so that you develop confidence in yourself about your own distinct personality. Apart from that, if you are an educated mother you can also help your children become fairly educated and self-confident.

2. Take Out Time For Self-Care to Build Self-Confidence

In the bundle of responsibilities each woman is carrying in her name, most often she forgets to include herself. Yes! This is true. Self-Care is the key to self-realization. You are a separate identity with a distinct personality. Always remember you can care for others only when you care for yourself.  Practice self-care with activities such as Meditation, Nature walk, Physical Exercise, Spending Time with Friends, DIY projects, and many more activities whichever you like. This will build your confidence to make decisions and execute them without any hesitation.

3. Express Yourself Fearlessly

Whenever you have an idea which you feel will be fruitful for your family, community, or society go and express it fearlessly to your audience. This will boost your confidence and leadership skills which every woman has in herself. That’s somewhere hidden inside you. Once you try to become fearless and express it, you will surely have a respectable place in society.

4. Adhere To New Technology

One of the best means to develop your personality is to get acquainted with new technology. In the beginning, it looks difficult but the more you practice the more you get hold of it. Apart from that, you will be independent to figure out solutions to your problems yourself. You will gain strength to cater to new responsibilities and take charge of situations smarter than you did it before.

5. Take Risks Like Never Before to Empower Yourself

Taking risks in life makes you a better player each time. Maybe you fail at times, but you still empower yourself whenever you take a new responsibility. But you have to always remember to take risks only when you have or you may develop an ability to work hard and attain your goal with determination and courage. When you work with patience and consistent efforts you will always get rewarded with success in life.

6. Have Faith in Yourself and Never Give Up

This is a request to all my womenfolks to never lose faith until your last breath. You never know what is going to happen in the next moment. So, always execute your Karma in the best possible way you can and have faith in whatever you do. Never give up on hardships. Because when you face the hardships you earn the fruit of independence and freedom.

7. Say “No” To Things Whenever You Feel Overburdened

Women have the ability to work more than their capabilities. I bet you must have realized this in your life many times as I did too. When you continue with this practice for a longer time, it will leave you stressed out and anxious. So, if you are going through this situation in life at present,  try to slowly reduce the burden by finding out alternatives to some of your priorities or taking help from your loved ones. Learn the art of saying ‘No’ so that you find time for yourself. Enjoy your independence and freedom to its fullest as you never know what’s going to happen in the next moment.

8. Never Give A Way To Negative Thoughts

Having a positive mindset is the best way we can deal with the challenges of life. Women have to face situations that are unfavorable to them a number of times. In those situations, if you are positive about the outcomes you will come out fearless and unanxious.

9. Share your Experiences and seek For solutions in Groups of Women Who are Empowered and Organized

This is the best way an aspiring woman can help herself if she is willing to achieve greater success in life. There are groups and forums in which you can participate and seek information about the ongoing trends. You can also discuss your problems or concerns if you have any of them. You may also get ideas to save, invest, or start something new for yourself.

10. Develop the Power To “Let Go” the Things That Make You Feel Stressed Out

The power to “Let Go” will be of great help to you. This is basically the quality to ignore things or incidents that make you overanxious or worried. This you can only do when you practice it every day and for the day-to-day activities for which you can sit and think for hours but at last the result of this is irrelevant or of no use. So, take this initiative to not think of things that will harm you in the long run and simply ignore them for your well being.


Putting it all together, I want you all my women friends to feel the power in yourself. Never take yourself for granted. Be ready to face challenges and always remember fearlessness is the key to Empowerment. Give yourself some leisure time in between the busy schedules you follow. Make smart choices and have faith in whatever you choose. Last but not least, make yourself a blissful and happy soul for happiness is the ultimate goal of life every empowered woman should strive for.

Are you empowered? Please share the ways you empower yourself as a woman and if not take the help of these 10 Things I prefer doing to gain power and self-confidence from within.

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