January 26, 2021

Strengthen Your Relationship

” You can’t give up on someone because the situation is not ideal. Great Relationships are not great because they have no problems. They are great because both people care enough about the other person to find a way to make it work.”

Relationships make us strong in the times when life tries to make us weak with its problems. Every soul in this world is unique and so is life for all of them. But there is always a connection between souls which we name as relationships. Some of them are involuntary for example, a parent-child relationship or the siblings whom you have right from the day you are born. Subsequently, you start to grow up and then opens the next category of relationships that you make out of choices, for example, the person you choose to be your life partner or people you make friends with.

Are Relationships intact?

Yes,  they are until they are glued with the bond of trust and loyalty. These are the two pillars that construct the house of relationships that every individual enjoys throughout his life from start to the end. So, never feel isolated or alone. But instead, be loyal and trustworthy to your counterparts so that you enjoy the real fruit of happiness in life.

Can there be enemies to a Relationship?

Yes, not only one but many. I believe you all know them but still fall prey to them. They are none other than our ego, arrogance, unforgiveness, willingness to dominate, misunderstandings, and comparison between the partners. These all make a relationship fade in color. These negative traits will never let you realize when got empowered by them and created hurt and agonies in your beautiful bonding. To be aware and do not allow them to take charge of your wisdom is your duty.

Grow your Relationship With Love

Love is the Survival Strategy, whichever relationship you are into!

The bond which you share with any other soul on this Earth should grow out of Love. Love is the power to maintain a relationship. Did you ever think about a reason behind the rewinding which you were able to do after your last fight? I will tell you. It was nothing else but your love which held you back to unity. So, don’t fear losing someone easily instead you open up to the person sharing your feelings if you did not do it before. Don’t let misunderstandings take a place in your life because it’s an unseen trap in which you can be caught very easily.

Here in this article, let’s discuss the 10 Best Relationship Advice that I learned in my life so that I can maintain love and harmony in my life.

 1. Prioritize your Relationship to the Top of the List

Do not just go-ahead for the namesake or to just have one. Relationships need your personal time even if you are busy in life. You have to find out ways to grow and nurture them with your special attention. Make some ground rules and follow them with a loyal approach even in unfavorable situations. If you give up and move on, one day you will be on the verge of losing it.

Practice To Listen more and Speak less

2. Practice to listen more and speak less

This may sound difficult because when you spend years in a relationship,  you do not feel like speaking less in front of your loved ones. As a result,  you utter even those words which were not required or which may hurt your co-partner. Beware of this because you never know the mood of your listener, maybe he/she is in some distress or pain and will take your words otherwise. And, still, if you could not control yourself the other way out is to listen calmly about what the other person has to explain on the same subject before coming to an instant conclusion.

Go for Leisure or Fun To do Activities

3.  Plan for Leisure or Fun to do Activities

When you plan for leisure or fun to do activities, you release the negativity and rejuvenate your bonding once again. If there are some issues evolving, they can be discussed and solved in a better way when the surroundings around you are positive and stress releasing. Even the conclusions you come up to are better sorted and agreeable.

4. Do Not Try to Change Anything in Your Partner

Acceptance is always the key to maintain a good relationship. No two people can always be the same. Likewise, they may have varied characteristic traits as well. They must have different opinions than yours. You may also have similar opinions about a subject sometimes but that’s not true to every situation. So, don’t make a fantasy that your partner is going to support you each time. Next time, he/she may have a different opinion than yours. Be ready for this situation and do not let hurt or pain come in your mind for this reason.

5. Don’t Dominate or Forcibly Empower Your Partner

If you are in a habit of dominating the person you share your relationship with, then immediately stop this. This will not only make your relationship bitter but also create a fear in your partner. Love and trust are the milestones of a legitimate bond. Instead of these, if you create fear and hatred it will never be real and long-lasting.

Appreciate Your Partner

6. Appreciation will make your Relationship Stronger

In my earlier point, as much I was against domination and forceful submission, that much here do I support Appreciation. When you appreciate someone, you indirectly make him stronger. Stronger here means strength to support the intimacy you share with your partner. Appreciating your partner on his/ her small accomplishments will play a major role in promoting loyalty and trust. So, don’t hesitate if you are, go ahead do it and see the result.

7. Limit Your Expectations

Expectations are the killer of beautiful relationships. Expectations can never be fulfilled to entirety. You cannot expect someone to understand every bit of your mind and work according to your wishes. That’s not only difficult but unethical as well. When you are in a relationship that showers love and respect for each other you should never try to change or expect something which is difficult to attain. Try to always give more and expect less and enjoy unconditional love in life.

In this video, you will get to know more about how you can limit your expectations from the person you share a relationship that’s so valuable to you. Watch this and get to know more.

8. Ask Open-Ended questions, a “Yes” or “No” is not enough always

When you question your co-partner for elaborate explanations with more than just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, you get to understand him/her better each time. You will know his frame of thinking and how he associates with different subjects. After this, you will better know how he/she is going to react in different situations. As a result of this, you will not be amazed or hurt yourself when you get views that do not match yours in certain situations that are going to come in future.

9. Never Leave Your Partner Alone in Unfavourable Situations

Situations come and go but if you are there together in both good and bad situations you make a concrete and forever relationship. Hardships are part of everyone’s life, but when you have someone to share your feelings at that time, you call him the right partner. These are testing times when you have to always come out as a better partner without any regrets.

10. Respect, Commitment, and Honesty Paves a way to Everlasting Relationships

Last but not the least, the golden rules to everlasting relationships are honesty, commitment, and respect for your partner. You have to never let misunderstandings play a part in your life. Once they get a place to enter, they will grow out as a tree grows even without water and sunlight. If you have something in your mind be brave and reveal or either ask it without delays. Respect his feelings and opinions and you will always enjoy the love and care you owe in your bonding from your partner.


In conclusion, I want to say that relationships are precious, save them like gems. If you maintain them with commitment and loyalty, they will always be there for you throughout your life. So, go ahead communicate with your partner, invest your time to make your bond stronger, and everlasting.

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